Monday, August 3, 2009

Little Cayman

Hello everybody,

I have been here in Little Cayman for about two weeks now and I should have written something a little earlier. Nonetheless, below is a rundown of the exciting adventures that I have thus far had on Little Cayman.
On the first day of the trip, our instructor had us identify and learn the names of well over a 100 species of corals, algae and fish. To add salt to the wound, we had to memorize the scientific Latin names of the coral and algal species. All the same, we snorkeled to the reefs in order to the reefs to gain some practical experience in species identification. The reefs of Little Cayman are absolutely immaculate and pristine; much due to the reason that the anthropogenic effects on this island of 200 residents is scant. The reefs and lagoons are inundated with fish species of all colors, patterns, sizes and shapes thus making it an exceptional diving and snorkeling destination.
Lowell, the dive master at CCMI (Central Caribbean Marine Institute) on Little Cayman, took us on a turtle walk in search for turtle nesting sites. We were able to see a couple a turtle nests which are located by spotting turtle tracks on the beach. On a side note, we were also allowed to get coconuts off trees which made for a delicious treat.

Will write soon.

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